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  1. Bad review prompts unclassical wobbly
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  3. Doing that fish thing that she does
  4. The Independent, 25/1/1997
  5. Classical Beauty
  6. OK!
  7. Music's Unexploded Sex Bomb
  8. The Daily Telegraph
  9. On the other side of the world my grandfather was dying, but I had to do my job Vanessa in the First Person The Independent, 21 October 1997
  10. Living Doll
  11. Independent on Saturday Magazine
  12. Vanessa-Mae on Greek TV
  13. Sent to the old Vanessa-Mae mailing list (VM-L) by Mark Mitropias
  14. The Beethoven Babe
  15. Livewire (a UK in-train magazine) --- sent to VM-L by Andy Craven
  16. Interview in HELLO!
  17. Power Player
  18. Or, Why I had to Sack My Mother. Daily Mail, 4 March 2000
  19. With Strings Attached
  20. Vanessa-Mae. Youngest person ever to attend the Royal College of Music. Youngest person ever to record the Beethoven and Tchaikovsky violin concertos. The fastest-selling classical artist ever. Plus an alluring nymphet, to boot. The Independent
  21. No more mummy's little girl
  22. Mae drops the mother who guided career. In an exclusive interview, violinist Vanessa-Mae tells John Harlow why she cut a family tie that she felt was binding her too tightly. The Sunday Times
  23. Vanessa Mae, but her Slovakian orchestra may not
  24. The Daily Telegraph
  25. Violinist takes out advert to settle score with critic
  26. The Daily Telegraph
  27. Pet of the week: Bark for solo violin
  28. Vanessa-Mae on her pets. The Daily Telegraph
  29. Vanessa-Mae cuts her mother's apron strings
  30. The Daily Telegraph
  31. "Nobody can influence me"
  32. Violinist Vanessa-Mae talks to Elizabeth Grice about her first serious relationship, the public separation from her mother — and bizarre fans. The Daily Telegraph
  33. Back Where She Belongs
  34. She's been off the scene for a while but this September Vanessa-Mae's back with her most exciting disc to date. Classic FM
  35. Short article
  36. Daily Express

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