Vanessa-Mae Is IT!


Daily Express

At the tender age of 25, classical violinist Vanessa-Mae is planning her autobiography. It won't, she promises, be a fluffy, vacuous trip down memory lane but a serious account of her life during which she has become a huge success, sacked her own mother and was harassed by a stalker. It'll be readable, not just lots of pictures,"says the musician renowned for her scantily clad performances.

Our man polishing the Stradivarius adds: "She may be a young woman but she has spent a decade in the limelight. Tbere are weighty subjects to contend with. She caused a rift in the family after sackng her mother Pamela as her manager and has had to contend with a stalker wbo pestered her so much, he's been banned from London." The book coincides with the Singapore-born star's return to tbe limelight. Following a performance at this year's Classical Brits earlier tbis month, Vanessa-Mae, who lives with her French boyfriend Lionel Catalan, has a new CD out followed by a European tour.

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