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This is an unofficial Vanessa-Mae website. I have no connection with Vanessa-Mae, but met her briefly once.

Will Not Be Updated

This site was started in 1996, when the World Wide Web was still young and static, and it was popular among amateur web creators to build web sites by hand-crafting HTML in text editors. Apart from a face-lift around 2000 to use the then-new Cascading Style Sheets technology, there has been no change to the structure or style of this site; hence the Web 1.0 look and feel of this site. I have not kept up with new developments in web technology since about 2005, and have no desire to do so in order to create some new dynamic blog-based interactive web site with masses of videos and high-resolution images. I have better things to do. Look in the Links to find more up-to-date stuff about Vanessa-Mae on the web. There have been no substantive updates to this site since 2005. However, I am keeping all existing content up indefinitely, and reachable at the URL

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This site is entirely uses standards-compliant HTML and should display correctly on any standards-compliant browser. It does not use frames, Javascript, Flash, Java or browser-specific tags. It does not use cookies, has no paid advertising, and produces no pop-ups. It is built using Cascading Style Sheets, with content and structure strictly separated. It should displays correctly (but without the bells & whistles) on text-only browsers and the very earliest graphical browsers.


Links to email addresses are provided for the benefit of the genuine web-surfer. They work 'as is' and are not spamblocked. This policy is intended to facilitate communications. It is not an invitation to harvest email addresses for the purpose of sending unsolicited commercial email (aka spam), and the webmaster does not endorse such activity. No guarantees are made regarding the validity of email addresses given in this site, except my own.

Email sent to me may be checked before being downloaded, and anything that looks like it might be spam is liable to be deleted without being read.


You do not need my permission to link to my site, tho' if you do, it would be helpful if you told me, as I'm likely to link back :). Please do not link directly to pictures on this site. By doing so, people see the picture, and contribute to my bandwidth limit, but my site fails to get the credit. It makes most sense to link to the main page, as other pages could be renamed, merged or abolished any time.

I shall endeavour to forewarn if my site, or any sites to which I link, contain material which some people might reasonably find offensive. However, I accept no responsibility for the content of such sites. A link to a site should not be taken as an endorsement of its content.


This site began as the result of an article in OK! magazine, a rival to Hello, in October 1996. I fell in love with Vanessa as a direct result of that article, and put those pictures up on a page on the web. So the site started life as a single page, containing the article, and the 4 pics from it, on university web-space.

The site has since moved about and now has its home at It is updated only very occasionally but the author intends for it to stay up on the web.


This site is copyright to Alex Macfie. Pictures are the copyright of their respective owners. Copyrighted material on this site will be removed on request from the copyright holder, but please bear in mind that no profit is made from the material on this site. It exists solely to give free publicity to Vanessa-Mae and her music. There are no audio or video files on this site. If you are interested in such material, you could go to YouTube

Original material on this site may be redistributed, provided this site is credited as its source. The webmaster disclaims all liability for any secondary copyright infringement committed as a result of such actions.

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The URL of this site is .it is the country code for Italy. The domain is registered by Livetodot. The site is hosted by my ISP, PlusNet. Neither of these organisations are responsible for this site.

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