Vanessa-Mae Is IT!

Vanessa-Mae Pictures


From Subject to Change CD Booklet

[Vanessa walking in desert, wearing black jeans and brown jacket-like top] [Vanessa sitting barefoot at side of a road, in black jeans and white top] [Vanessa in black mini-dress, climbing small rock away from sea, sexy] [Vanessa in desert wearing dark brown body-skimming sleeveless dress with flower patterns, sexy] [Vanessa in desert, wearing black patterned one-strap top] [Vanessa casual in jeans and white top, big building in background] [Vanessa in elegant black sleeveless polo-neck top] [Vanessa in long black body-skimming sleeveless dress, by road, buildings opposite] [Vanessa in long black body-skimming sleeveless dress, similar to previous, CD front cover]

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